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  1. Subject: The Sing Your Praise National Music Competition and Concert Tour.

    Hello and God Bless You,

    If you would be as kind as to forward this email to your Music Ministry Director or Pastor I would greatly appreciate it. The reason is I would like to introduce him or her and your church to the 1st Annual National Sing Your Praise Competition and Concert Tour. This is the first National Christian Artist Competition of its kind and it first starts online then moves onto a concert tour of 25 cities. 64 contestants will get to perform with A-listed Christian artists and compete live at the concerts. The winner of the competition will win a minimum of $10,000, record a single with Christian recording artist Jaci Velasquez and an opportunity for a recording contract with top Christian Record Labels. Your church can also be a winner if the wining contestant of the competition comes from your church. Your music department will also win $10,000 and a concert at your church or location of your choice with the A-listed artists on the tour. Your church will reap the benefits of being the host of the concert and sharing in the revenue. So get your church members, their friends and family to vote for your church participants and help them win.

    I would like your Music Director or pastor to email me so I can get your church registered and we can sponsor one singer from your church to participate in the competition by sending them a promo-code. My email

    In the mean-time we are including a discount promo-code for anyone from your church only to participate. This promo code is only being offered to churches and only available through this email communication from your website. Use Promo-Code: jaci v (all lower case).

    Thank you for your time, support and making it possible to continue to grow Christian Music by giving talented Christian singers in your church a stage to grow their music ministry and to minister to the world. For more information visit http://WWW.SINGYOURPRAISE.COM or email me directly.

    Yours Truly,
    Will Quinones
    Founder of Sing Your Praise

    • Will, thank you for your email. I don’t think we have anyone in the church at this time who would be interested in participating. I hope you get a lot of responses, and may God be glorified in everything you do!

      Amy Smith, Worship Leader.

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