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MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY - Hills Crossing Baptist Church

Ministry Opportunities

Hills Crossing Baptist Church offers various groups that meet together to minister to each other and to those outside the church.

Hills Crossing Baptist Church

Lottie's Ladies

Lottie’s Ladies is a W.M.U. (Women’s Missionary Union) group for ladies of all ages.  Our mission is to inform and inspire Christians to influence their world for Christ.  We meet on the second Monday of each month at 7 pm.  Our meetings are announced in the weekly bulletin and monthly newsletter.  We welcome you to attend!  If you have any questions, please contact Mary Lou Graden at

Helping Hand's Ministries

Helping Hands Ministries is a nonprofit organization that financially assists individuals who need it most through tax-exempt donations from individuals and corporate donors.  Our core values are built around a Christ-like vision to support and assist those who need it most.  By creating a community and network of donors and recipients, we can provide assistance to: disaster victims, individuals with medical conditions, startup ministries, foreign organizations providing Ministries work, and international students.

Helping Hands Ministries focuses on assisting in a variety of areas where we have considerable experience.


Project Areas Include:


1. Animal needs/rescue funds

2. Ministries events (raise money for charity organizations)

3. Educational assistance

4. Emergency/disaster relief assistance

5. Employee assistance (benevolent fund)

6. Financial assistance

7. Medical needs

8. Memorial funds

9. Veterans assistance

Hills Crossing Baptist Church
Hills Crossing Baptist Church

Habersham Learning Center

Habersham Christian Learning Center is a non-denominational, non-profit, community-based educational service organization.  HCLC teaches Christian ethics, morals, and values to high school students during their school day by sharing God’s truths in love for passion and purpose throughout life.  Learning at HCLC is a unique experience, with only four other programs in the U.S. offering similar classes. The classes are devoted to “life-based, skill-based, faith-based” courses.

Freedom Hill

Freedom Hill’s mission is to provide education, support, and guidance to women struggling with addiction through a Christ-centered residential program that fosters restoration of the mind, body, and spirit, while creating community awareness.  We recognize that addiction impacts the whole family.  Our goal is overall family restoration by providing for both the client and her family. This includes classes, small groups, ongoing support, prayer, and individual counseling as needed. In an effort to further impact our community, Freedom Hill is available to facilitate educational classes for the community. As an organization, we are also committed to community outreach and awareness. Please call the office at 706-776-6109 for more information or to schedule a class.

Hills Crossing Baptist Church
Hills Crossing Baptist Church

HUB (Habersham United Believers)

In keeping with their mission to “transform lives, transform our community”, the focus of HUB is to appeal to those in the community who are willing to help “at-risk” youth.  The “Teach One to Lead One” program is a community mentoring program that teaches universal principles to lead at-risk kids into a life of purpose and potential.  These students flourish simply because someone has invested time in their lives and helped them to see God’s plan for their future.  Mentors, education systems, and charitable organizations combine their efforts to provide teens with life skills that make them more workforce ready, increase the graduation rate, and create a more positive and healthy community environment.

Love Packages

Love Packages is fueling international missions work and sending the gospel to the ends of the earth by putting donated bibles and other Christian literature into the hands of people around the world.

Hills Crossing Baptist Church
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