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October 2021

”I will thank You in the great congregation; in the mighty throng I will praise You.”

(Psalm 35:18)

For the past few months we’ve been looking at some of the reasons why we worship. Now I want to explore why we need to worship corporately – that is, why we gather together to worship as a church.

Worshiping God as individuals is great, and so very important. We can sing along to the songs on the radio, read a Psalm as we begin our prayer time, worship God in the glory of His creation, and more. It helps us grow closer to Him and strengthens our faith. So why is it so important to worship as a group of believers?

Music is an incredible tool God has created to bring unity within His church. Anyone who has been a part of a choir, band, or other musical group understands the closeness that develops within that group. The members start to align with each other, to “sync” with each other. The emotions expressed through the music help to create empathy for each other. Although they are singing or playing different parts, it all becomes one beautiful sound. Music creates a bond that lasts far beyond when the music stops. In short, when we all sing the same words at the same time to the same God, it creates unity!

COVID-19 turned our worship services up on end. No longer were we worshiping together as a congregation, but individually in our living rooms. No longer could we hear everyone else singing with us, if we even chose to sing along. The service became a show, and not something in which we joined. This is so far from what God intended! If you have not yet regularly gone back to church, please do so! Unless you have a valid medical reason, trade your pajamas for a pew, and once again join the Church in worship!

In Christ,

Amy Smith


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