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September 2020

Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs.” - (Psalm 100:2)

When you come to the worship service on Sunday mornings, do you come with gladness? Or is it more of a drudgery out of routine? When you are singing along with the congregation, are you singing joyfully? Or are you singing because that’s what’s expected of you at that point in the service?

Our worship experience is not dependant on the style of music, but on our hearts. It’s not reliant on how well-behaved the kids were while getting ready for church, but on what we choose to focus our minds. Notice that the verse above is a command, not a hope or a suggestion. And God never commands us to do anything that we cannot accomplish without His help.

There are some Sunday mornings before I leave the house that I can feel my heart is not in the right place to fully worship God. That’s when I go to His Word to realign myself with Him. I go to Him in prayer to make sure my mind is not distracted by the things of life Satan throws at me, but is focused totally on Christ and His work in my life. Then I am able to worship the Lord with overflowing gladness, and sing to Him with joy in my heart.


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